My Journey

Hey there! I know how confusing it can be knowing where to start with essential oils. You’ve stumbled across them and their many benefits, but it all seems just a little daunting!

I’ve been there myself. I started with just one dòTERRA oil to help my youngest with her seemingly never-ending battles with respiratory issues. A friend invited me to a class that she hosted and so I went along – I was running late as usual and missed most of the class! I was quite skeptical about how useful they would actually be, however I had woken up with a very sore neck that morning so the lady who ran the class gave me some Deep Blue muscle rub. Within 5 minutes the pain had subsided considerably and I was hooked. From that class I ordered the Home Essentials kit and booked my own class in my own home a month later. I was hooked!

Oils are now a huge part of my life – I mean you know you are a fan when you head away from home for a night and ‘need’ to take your whole collection with you! I am constantly amazed at the profound effect they have had on my life. I’ve struggled with anxiety in recent times and the inclusion of oils into my daily routine for supporting my emotional wellbeing has assisted me beyond any expectation I had.

I am now committed to helping others just like me and you bring oils into their home and lives. I know the beautiful positive effects that these oils will have on you and your family both emotionally and physically.

Essential oils can also be used to help around the home, but including them in your cleaning routine. Many of us are searching for new ways to clean without resorting to toxic cleaning products.

If you are ready to get started I am here to listen, help and support you on your journey.

Let’s get started! Head over to my collections page to learn more about which kit is right for you and your family. Big hugs xo.