My Amazon Fav’s

I love living on the farm – however sometimes that means it can be a bit of a challenge to get the tools I need to make blends or spray bottles. Last year I signed up to Amazon Prime and it has made my life so much easier! I tend to only head to town once or twice a week and usually, I forget something!

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Now, I can place an order through Amazon and get those forgotten things usually within 2 days well before I go to town next! Plus, with Amazon Prime, you get any parcels delivered free! Just make sure that when searching you either tick the Prime delivery box, or check that the product has the Prime Logo on it. Another thing to check is whether or not it is Australian Stock. You can get free delivery on US based Prime goods once your order reaches $49.

I’ll be sharing some of my favourite products over time here on this page, products that I have found useful & that I think you will find useful as well.

One of my most used items is, of course, 10ml Amber Essential Oil Roller BottlesI love these ones, particularly that they come with a tool for getting those roller tops off the bottles!

Every serious essential oil addict will of course require a storage box to keep all their precious oils safe! This gorgeous small pine essential oil storage box holds 25 of your favourite oils. Isn’t the laser engraving beautiful! Here is a large essential oil storage box that holds 68 – even that is not enough!! This wooden essential oil storage case is getting closer in size to what we all need! (It does come from the US – but being over $49 there is no extra freight fee!)

These (approx) 500ml amber glass spray bottles are great for mixing up your own cleaning solutions.

I hope these give you some ideas for how to get some more use out of your oils as well as saving you time and money from having to visit shops trying to find essential oil essentials!